De dimbare, gezondere & duurzamere oplossing

The dimmable, healthier & more sustainable solution

Meet the Umbri: the dimmable, healthier and more sustainable choice

Candles are central to coziness in a home or restaurant. Only candles have a new disadvantage in addition to the disadvantages: fire hazard and harmful. The prices of candles are rising considerably. An evening of burning out can certainly hit the wallet.

Do you want to bring the coziness of a candle into your home without the disadvantages? Then try our Umbri now. This dimmable lamp offers you the opportunity to adjust the light intensity to the right mood.

In addition to the countless hours that the lamp can burn, it is also easily rechargeable! It is therefore also an environmentally conscious choice.

The Umbri is not only a smart and healthy choice, but also a beautiful addition to your interior. Discover the many advantages of this innovative lamp for yourself!

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