Maak van je huis een thuis tijdens de Woonmaand

Make your house a home during Living Month

In the month of October, better known as Living Month , everything revolves around creating a cozy, comfortable living environment. It's the perfect time to get inspiration for your home design, discover the latest trends and give your home a personal touch. At Nobel Lights we sympathize with these thoughts. That's why we have a special Living Month promotion in November!

Create coziness in your home during the Living Month

Conviviality is an essential part of the Living Month. It is the period in which we want to transform our house into a warm and inviting home. Whether you choose a cozy dining room, comfortable bedroom or a cozy sitting area, everything is about creating a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Use warm colors and beautiful materials for a cozy feeling
  • Add personal elements , such as photos or souvenirs
  • Use atmospheric lighting to create a cozy ambiance

Light and wireless convenience for a comfortable home

Light plays a crucial role in your home design. The right light can make a room appear larger, create a certain atmosphere or accentuate a work of art. During the Living Month it is the perfect opportunity to experiment with different light sources and light intensities.

In addition, wireless convenience is the trend that we increasingly see in modern home furnishings. Cords are outdated.

Discover the possibilities during the Living Month

The Living Month is the ideal opportunity to be inspired by the latest trends and developments in the field of living and interior design. Want to get inspiration easily? Then take a look at ourinspiration page ! Be inspired and turn your house into a home!

Make the Living Month your living month!

We are happy to help you find a loving home. That is why we have set up a special October housing month promotion for this month. Take advantage of the offer until October 31

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