Vind de perfecte leeslamp voor jouw wijnmomenten

Find the perfect reading lamp for your wine moments

When we think of reading lamps , we often think of functionality and design. But have you ever thought about how a reading lamp can enrich your moments of enjoyment? Take, for example, the national drinking wine day on February 18, a day that every Burgundian or bon vivant has in their agenda. Wine symbolizes quality and passion, two values ​​that we hold dear at Nobel Lights. Imagine: you are sitting comfortably with a glass of your favorite wine, while a beautiful wireless table lamp provides the perfect light. This is not just a lamp, but a symbol of quality and passion, designed to illuminate every special moment.

To experience your wine as best as possible, we, Nobel lights, have created a step-by-step plan;

Step 1

Open your bottle of wine. Because the wine is several years old, it needs to air for a while. Grab a magazine, book or something else to read and dim your Nobel-Lights lamp to 50%. Time to relax for a bit

Step 2

The wine is well aerated. Set the wireless lamp to 100% brightness so that you can see clearly through the bottle when you fill the first glass to taste. Hold your glass under the lamp to identify any impurities or cork.

Step 3

The wine is excellent! It's time to enjoy. Dim the lamp to its lowest setting and put on some wonderful jazz music.

Step 4

It has arrived until the last glass from the bottle. It is therefore important that the bottle is poured slowly to keep sediment in the bottle. Therefore, turn the light back to its brightest level so that you can see clearly through the bottle. Now slowly pour the last glass

Step 5

Choose a new bottle! Fortunately, you are not in the dark because Nobel Lights lamps last for hours!

Which lamp do you choose to taste your wine? Order now at

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