Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Indian Summer

Late summer, also known as Indian Summer, is a period when we can still fully enjoy the sun and the outdoors. The days are still relatively warm, but the evenings start to get dark a little earlier. This is the perfect time to transform your terrace into a cozy place where you can enjoy the outdoors until the early hours.

Wireless lighting and table lamp on battery

You often do not have a socket on your (roof) terrace. Then you always have to lug around extension cords to create some light. This is a lot of hassle and takes a long time. But how do you create the right atmosphere when it gets dark early?

You do this with wireless lighting , or a battery-powered table lamp. These lighting options are not only practical, but also attractive. You can place them anywhere on your patio without having to worry about cords or outlets. Moreover, they are energy efficient and environmentally friendly . Other benefits are:

  • The lamps are dimmable;
  • They are splash-proof;
  • Beautiful in design.

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