Collection: Vici

Discover the beautiful collection of Nobel-lights . We are proud of our products that not only radiate timeless elegance, but are also of top quality. Our lamps are versatile and can create a warm atmosphere both inside and outside your home.


Discover the Vici with a modern design and round shapes. This lamp has a sleek appearance, with a contemporary touch. The streamlined shape and minimalist aesthetic of this lamp convey a sense of contemporary elegance. Let the refined simplicity of this lamp elevate your interior and add effortless style to any environment.


  • Material: Robust aluminum
  • Burning time: 15-20 hours
  • Weight: 0.9 kg
  • Dimmable: 5% - 100% (touch)
  • Water resistance: IP54 (Splashproof)


- Base: Ø 11 cm

- Shade: Ø 11 cm

- Height: 35 cm

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